shabu shabu party

what is shabu shabu?

A nabe dish in which thinly sliced ​​beef is dipped in boiling water and eaten with a sauce. You can also eat pork at shabuyo
Shabuyo is a chain restaurant, so it can be used all over Japan.
Inside the restaurant.Cleanliness is maintained.

Each seat.

There is a nabe(pot) on the table.
Automatic ordering using a tablet.
Drink corner.
They also have coffee. As long as We're happy.

There are many kinds of sauces stock. You will have a variety of dining experiences.

Main vegetables that can be eaten in shabu-shabu are lined up. All you can eat meat and vegetables.

Enjoy yourself on site.

There is shaved ice. It is called kakigoori in Japanese. Kakigoori is made by crushing ice into small pieces and pouring sweet syrup on top. It is a summer tradition in Japan.
It's sake. Alcohol is prohibited by law in Japan for those under the age of 18. Alcohol often causes problems. Let's drink moderately so that we can walk home.

AI will deliver the meat to your seat. Reduce labor costs and avoid rush.

Shabu shabu is here.These are raw chicken and pork. This time I ordered a light all you can eat menu.

Occasionally stir the ingredients with chopsticks and wait until the color changes.

meal color will gradually change.

water will become cloudy time to time.If you remove the floating "aku", you can enjoy the original delicious this tool.

Cooked shabu shabu. looks delicious.Let's try various sauces.

Sweets after dinner. There is sweets. A traditional Japanese dessert made with mochi and red bean paste.It is called annko.
We also have dried fruits.
menu includes waffles. we can make ourselves.

Create a waffle in your own world.